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DR Monica Chan's testimonial about Dr Kenneth Lew's Orthodontic Course

Read what another top Hong Kong dentist, Dr Monica Chan, says about Dr Kenneth Lew's Orthodontic Courses..

Dr Monica Chan," Dr Kenneth Lew's Orthodontic Course is truly informative and Dr Kenneth Lew is a very good presenter who gives practical tips about treating those orthodontic cases suitable for GP dentists.  Dr Kenneth Lew's Diagnostic Orthodontic services ( DOES) helps me to do my treatment planning about individual cases.. this acts as a great support for every DP dentist'.

See what Dr Ron Ng ( Malaysia) says about Dr Kenneth Lew , " Meeting amazing people with amazing Invisalign course.. THANK YOU DR KENNETH LEW FOR SHARING HIS KNOWLEDGE.." Dr Ron Ng was one of many Malaysian dentists who attended Invisalign and Dr Kenneth Lew's first certification course in Korea (June 2016).

Dr Cordia Lam's testimonial

“I joined Dr Kenneth Lew’s course in the Year 2002. Without taking his course, I could not have started my first orthodontic case.

Dr Lew’s teaching is very practical and his innovative ways of presentation allow me to understand difficult yet important theories in a clear systematic way.

I never feel bored during his course. I highly recommend Dr Kenneth Lew’s course to all my fellow colleagues!”

- Dr Lam  (top Invisalign dentist, Hong Kong)

Read what another leading  Hong Kong dentist MONICA CHAN'S testimonial about Dr Kenneth Lew's  Orthodontic Course:

Says Dr Monica Chan," Dr Kenneth Lew's Orthodontic course is truly informative and Dr Kenneth Lew is a very good presenter  who gives practical tips about treating those orthodontic cases suitable for GPs.  Dr Kenneth Lew's Diagnostic Orthodontic Services (DOES) helps me to do the treatment planning about individual cases. The service acts as a great support to every GP dentist." 

Happy Patients and Friends

 Blog post 1 by Dr Kenneth Lew

Why would a dentist want to blog, anyways? Well, why not? Do  you remember when your parents used to say, "keep quiet, this is not the place to....". 

Sounds familiar. Well, my name is Dr Kenneth Lew. I am a dentist, orthodontist, clinical director in  Tanglin Dental Surgeons, Singapore. Today,  I start blogging. Because blogging is the anti-thesis of those " sit down and be quiet" rules..

And now that there is the whole new  scribble board waiting for cogent, incisive thoughts to set the world alight,  I am dumbfounded and petrified  now knowing where to start. Ah, will  I be 'famed' or flamed or worst, ignored? 

 I will start with the weekend  of Nov 1, 2015. I was there  as an Invisalign Speaker and Invisalign Trainer.  Our team  had  closed door sessions with  Malaysian dentists ( from Ipoh, KL, JB and Sarawak).  I shared with them  why I chose Invisalign for my patients, and how important it is  for me, and all orthodontists and dentists, to correctly and accurately diagnose and treatment plan for  our  Invisalign patients how to move their teeth. Remember, the Invisalign Technicians in USA do not see or examine our patients. They depend solely on an accurate diagnosis and treatment prescription from the examining orthodontist. With that, Invisalign USA begins the 3D scanning  process and manufacture of patients' aligners.

Then compare with the 'normal' braces. 'Adjustments' and changes to an orthodontist's treatment plan can be made along the way. Not with Invisalign. Hence, the importance of the specialist orthodontist's treatment plan. After all, orthodontic tooth movement -  it takes a 2 year full time postgraduate orthodontic masters program to start  knowing what you don't know. Knowledge is humbling.

My visits to Kuala Lumpur are surreal, especially in twilights. Special. You know, when you whizz past certain streets, certain memories of parents, of  one parent more than the other who is absent, your mother's vanquished hopes, asymmetrical beginnings and endings in  my mother's life....


Many have wondered what drives me. What drives me to travel and train dentists internationally. What drives me to spend nights studying  our patients' moulds, Xray, photos.  Why I spend so much time with my patients in Singapore.

Why? My work is my passion. Not dreary. I am grateful for my work. Like many Singaporeans, a degree was a way to a stable home. Stable income, an ability to plan ahead for my family.  As a boy, I studied at night with a torch light when electricity was cut off. My mother brought  us up singlehandedly. A teacher, then school principal, she struggled in the early years with the stigma of a husband who abandoned us. The world was judgemental  and money was short, now and then. As a child, I overheard phone conversations where my father coldly told my  mother, ' why are you calling me again?'  If there was ever a brave lady, it was our mum.

As a toddler, I remember my mother sharing a small piece of pork between the three of us. She gave the lean meat to my brother and myself at dinner and ate the pork fat. That and plain rice.

So, that drives me.

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