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What Happens When I Visit?

What’s the process like if I visit Tanglin Dental Surgeons?

First appointment –  you will write down a complete a sheet that will detail your medical history. Then our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Kenneth Lew will take conduct an dental-orthodontic examination of your teeth and jaws. At this first visit, our nurses will take your dental X-rays and study models of your upper and lower teeth. If you have X-rays or study models that are recent, please do bring them along for your first consultation? We will advise you whether we are able to use them!  At this visit, We will give you  preliminary advise  on what needs to be done to correct your teeth, a preliminary estimate of your options and cost.This is possible as our digital X-ray machine will have your X-rays ready within 5 minutes for you to discuss with our Dr  Kenneth Lew.

Cost of your first vist with Tanglin Dental Surgeons : $ 240 -$300 this includes first consultation and examination, record photo taking, X-rays and study models}.

Time taken: 45 minutes

Second visit – TREATMENT PLAN. WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN GIVING YOU A FULL WRITTEN TREATMENT PLAN. Our specialist dentist will sit down with you  and explain to you/your parents or guardian his analysis of your Xrays. Most of our patients will ask our Dr Kenneth Lew to install their braces/take their  special Invisalign moulds at this visit. With your study models of your crooked teeth, he will explain to you what needs to be done, after explaining  your profile in relation to the IDEAL Facial Aesthetic Line, and Andrew’s Six Keys to Occlusion. For example, most of our patients prefer NOT to extract teeth, So Dr Kenneth Lew will explain  whether you need extraction and which teeth. Many of our patients are treated  WITHOUT extracting teeth as they  may be suitable for interproximal space creation (IPR). We will also explain to you treatment sequence, treatment time, and also various treatment and cost options. At this visit, most of our patients would have decided whether they wish to use metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign, self-ligating Damon, or Simpliclear, as the cost and treatment options are  clear.

 If your child is young, Dr Kenneth Lew will advise you what needs to be done to correct a child's underbite, or V-shaped dental arches or tongue-sucking habit that has made  your child's teeth worse.  We encourage you to ask questions, and our Specialist orthodontist, Dr Kenneth Lew, will answer them professionally.  Said our Dr Kenneth Lew, "   The best type of braces outcome depends on a partnership between us and our patients. We can give you a appropriate treatment plan, But as a patient, you or your child  will need to play a role as  Partner in your own braces treatment'. Do bring along your parent or guardian if you like. There is no pressure for you to agree.

Payment at your second visit: please text or watsapp us at +65-90189300.  This payment depends on the type of braces you choose

Time taken: 1 hour.

Our braces prices includes your payment at  your 2nd visit, You will pay for the balance step by step, at each subsequent visit.

When you visit us for your consultation, please remember to ask us about our  Student Braces and eligibility programs? 

THIRD AND SUBSEQUENT VISITS  – Time taken:15 minutes for each braces adjustment. Braces adjustment are done by our specialist Orthodontist Dr Kenneth Lew.

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