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Diagnostic Records

What are your diagnostic records which we will take of you?

8 photos of you - 5 intra oral photos of your teeth, three facial photos of you (frontal at rest, frontal smiling, right side view, left side view). With this, he will be able to analyse how to best straighten your teeth. For example, if your upper teeth are ‘bucky”, he will need to consider the treatment plan to move your upper teeth inwards without making your profile too  flat or straight; bring your lips (in relation to the tip of your nose and chin) to an ideal position ( there is a range which is generally considered most pleasing to the eye), taking into account the universal Facial Aesthetic Line, your lip fullness and lip curl, whether you are male or female, Asian or Caucasian. Last but not least, our specialist orthodontist will also consider functional issues, such as the manner in which your teeth bite, your gum and oral hygiene health issues as well as your TMJ joint  function. 

Study models
Many of our patients at Tanglin Dental Surgeons take their study models back as a momento of their past crooked teeth after they have completed treatment with us!

This is an example of your X-rays. You may also take them home after you complete treatment!

Computer simulation
If you are using Invisalign, we will use the Invisalign proprietary computer software which will show your key anatomical points, and our specialist orthodontist will explain to you the computer simlulation show how your teeth will move over the treatment period, when your Invisalign transparent aligners are used. Depending on which orthodontic system is best for you, our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Kenneth Lew will advise you the time intervals between each visit for adjustments to your braces or new aligners being issued to you.    

Choosing your orthodontic braces system
Our Specialist Orthodontist will also explain to the pros and cons of not only the various diagnoses, taking into account the severity of your crooked teeth and perhaps misaligned jaws, whether you may need orthongathic (jaw) surgery, any extractions, use of retainers, and stability. He will also show you the various different orthodontic systems that can be used. As it is important for you to fully cooperate during your orthodontic treatment, your budget, lifestyle, professional and social demands should be holistically considered and we explain to you which system will work well with you. It is important for you to tell us what you wish to correct; what bothers you about your smile and profile; whether it is important for you to wear braces that are invisible. Explaining, Dr Kenneth Lew said, "Whilst some of our patients feel they need their braces to be invisible, others, such as teenagers and students, like the look of the visible metal and ceramic braces as their friends are using them! It is form of bonding for a certain age group."  Indeed, he added, the Simpliclear braces are transparent and their wires are also transparent. This makes it less visible to the eye, but it is not removable".

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