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Invisalign / SimpliClear

clear braces treatment in singapore
Invisalign's ClinCheck Software simulates your proposed teeth movement.

example of simpliclear brace
Invisalign Clear Aligner is transparent and removable.

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Video: Differences between Invisalign and Braces

 Our Tanglin Dental Surgeons Invisible Braces Center ........

is  HONOURED TO BE CHOSEN BY PATIENTS, LIKE YOU, TO BE THEIR INVISALIGN SPECIALIST ORTHODONTIST.  WE look after our patients through their Invisalign Journey, and  have become friends with many of them!Smile Simply put,  our Dr Kenneth Lew has treated many, many patients witth Invisalign. If you are consulting with us, we would  be happy to have you  to speak to any of our Invisalign patients (if they are in the clinic at the same time).  Do let us know?


Simpliclear Braces in Singapore
SimpliClear brackets and wires are transparent.

Please check out link.

Simpliclear braces in Singapore
An example of our patient wearing SimpliClear braces.

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