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There are so many Invisalign dentists. Why choose Tanglin Dental Surgeons?

SmileDr Kenneth Lew is a certified Specialist Orthodontist , experienced, with in-depth, internationally  published research knowledge about optimal tooth movement, loading of differential forces on teeth, and dento-facial aesthetics.

SmileDr Kenneth Lew's case " Aesthetic Correction of an Anterior Open Bite with Invisalign" was chosen to appear in Invisalign  International Scientific Teaching Kit

SmileDr Kenneth Lew is an Invisalign Speaker and Invisalign Trainer, appointed by Invisalign (Align Technology USA), a company listed on the NASDAQ (USA).

SmileDr Kenneth Lew is cited in the International Who's Who USA.

SmileDr Kenneth Lew personally prepares your Invisalign written diagnosis and treatment plan when you start Invisalign treatment with us.

SmileYour  Invisalign diagnosis is important as your  Invisalign treatment  cannot be 'changed' midway if 'incorrrect'.

SmileDr Kenneth Lew is respected by dentists in Asia for his knowledge. He teaches dentists and orthodontists how to do Invisaligns.

SmileDr Kenneth Lew successfully treats simple, and complex cases with Invisalign, very often, WITHOUT EXTRACTING TEETH.

SmileWe use Invisalign's Clin Check Pro with 3D controls to visually move your teeth in  your 3D animated before and after movie.

Smile Our patients  benefit from Dr Kenneth Lew's in-depth orthodontic knowledge.

SmileWe offer Invisalign i7, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Full  - for BOTH upper and lower teeth.

SmileWe offer Invisalign i7, and Invisalign Lite for just upper OR lower teeth ( simple cases)

When interviewed, Dr Kenneth Lew said " We are committed to making Invisalign accessible for  Singaporeans.  I observe how our patients, when starting work, want  to straighten their teeth invisibly. A great smile, straight teeth builds confidence when in job interviews. Added confidence gives the edge in the dating game, workplace interaction.  When young, some did not  have the opportunity to wear braces. Singaporeans have many demands put on them, and we really do want to help them build their confidence'. 

'Very crooked teeth are hard to clean. This contributes to decay and unfortunately, an unpleasant smell'. Invisalign is a transparent and removable to straighten your teeth and resolve these problems.These problems are very real. Our world is competitive and we give our patients an added advantage", Dr Kenneth Lew said.

In June 2015, Dr Kenneth Lew kicked off his eponymous,"Dr Kenneth Lew Invisalign Study Clubs" in India and Indonesia.  Dr Kenneth Lew teaches  his Invisalign treatment  and diagnosis methods with groups of dentists.  " Invisalign has changed  the dental landscape. Open sharing of knowledge will level up our Information Platform". Dr Kenneth Lew's  international lecturing  and orthodontic training has put Singapore on  the dental footprint. :"As I teach, I learn  too. Indeed, our patients can only benefit".

 In June 2016, Dr Kenneth Lew was invited by Invisalign USA to formally introduce Invisalign to Korea. Dr Kenneth Lew helmed the FIRST  Invisalign USA certification course in Korea.

Pausing, Dr Kenneth Lew, said, "  the most important is this - our patients must benefit".

If you are considering Invisalign, chances are that you are' "esthetics motivated"... so a treatment plan that considers your final FACIAL PROFILE is good. Dr Kenneth Lew has the experience to tell you whether you  can be treated WITHOUT extracting teeth.

Dr Kenneth Lew continues,' I will be candid. Our braces treatment for you is NOT Korean plastic surgery, you cannot hope to improve the upper  third of your face or the height and shape of your nose with braces. BUT our braces treatment will incorporate treatment planning that will improve the facial profile of the lower third of your face, because your soft tissue profile has the potential of improving when we move your teeth with braces treatment'.

 What is of paramount importance is the experience of  your dentist. In your case, Dr Kenneth Lew, our Specialist Orthodontist will ANALYSE  YOUR DENTAL AND PROFILE PROBLEMS, 'KEY' YOUR DATA  AND TREATMENT PLAN INTO CLIN-CHECK, AND WILL TELL YOU  WHAT  BRACES SYSTEM, OR INVISALIGN  CAN OR CANNOT ACHIEVE FOR YOU.  Dr Kenneth Lew exclaims, 'It  is important for us  to embrace technology, embrace it perceptively. Indeed, we  use technology in conjunction with the wisdom that comes with yes, age, and experience!' Dr Kenneth Lew uses Invisalign to correct patients' open bites ( where your upper and lower teeth do not touch), underbites ( where  your lower teeth, and jaw, bite in front of your upper teeth), deep bites ( where your upper teeth bite over, and cover most of your lower teeth).... using Invisalign, and WITHOUT extracting teeth. Dr Kenneth Lew added, "  I  need to clinically examine  mu patient's arch lengths, bites, jaw angles, severity of proclination or retroclination of their teeth.  Xrays and diagnostic moulds are used in my diagnosis".


Invisalign is  a system of transparent aligners, made in the USA, and customized for you to use to move your teeth. Because it is transparent and removable, it is a lifestyle choice for many patients. Invisalign aligners does not interfere with your professional, social life, it uses a proprietary material  and proprietary software (Clin check). The computer will simulate your tooth movement and predict the number of aligners you will need to use. Generally, we issue from 20 to 35 aligners for each patient, at  6 week intervals. Our  Dr Kenneth Lew's Invisalign diagnostic consultation with you will be INTERACTIVE, and we encourage you  to ‘play’ with our clin check analysis so that you can understand it. Because Invisalign is removable, it is so important for patients to fully cooperate for good results.

Cost of Invisalign ...
Invisalign costs treated by Dr Kenneth Lew. He is a  certified Specialist Orthodontist, and your Invisalign treatment with us  is in the range of  S$4,000 ( Invisalign i-7) to S$7,500. Most of our patients' Invisalign costs an average of S$ 6,900-$7,200 for treating both upper and lower teeth. Much depends on whether  you are a 'simple' or 'complex case, , how long your treatment will take, how many aligners need to be customised for you. We will let you know how much at your first visit to our clinic. Do ask us if you wish to pay by instalments for Invisalign? And do ask us about our LOYALTY programmes


A question we are always asked, said Dr Kenneth Lew, " Can my  Invisalign treatment  be ACCELERATED"?  Well, there is a Class 2 medical device called AcceleDent, which is FDA cleared and available in the USA. How does it work? According to the USA based manufacturer, it  is a hand held device which you wear for 20 minutes everyday around your existing orthodontic device. It uses gentle micropulses to encourage bone remodellling, allowing teeth to move faster.

 AcceleDent is  NOT available in Singapore at the time of writing ( August 2015).  It is NOT approved by the Health Science Authority of Singapore as a medical device. Thus, if you  use AcceleDent  in Singapore, a patient will have NO remedy against the AcceleDent manaufacturer if something goes wrong. Thus, Tanglin Dental Surgeons will NOT use AcceleDent on our  patients unless and until the Health Science Authority of Singapore approves it.  It is a new product and there is  NO  long term research to show whether accelerated Invisalign treatment with AcceleDent  is stable in  LONG TERM.

As a responsible specialist orthodontic clinic, Tanglin Dental Surgeons does NOT want to put our patients at risk by recommending that they use AcceleDent.

"Thanks Dr Lew, said our pretty  Invisalign Patient"

So,  SMS or Watsapp us at +65-90189300 or +65-98351565  if you are curious whether you can be suitable candidate for Invisalign or another  type of braces? 

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