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Dr Kenneth Lew

 Nothing beats experience. There is always cheerful laughter when Dr Kenneth Lew  treats his patients. Kenneth’s affable ways are a winner.  

Enbracing new technologies, Dr Kenneth  Lew  offers his braces patients a variety of braces systems. He is  prolific Invisalign Orthdontist who has himself treated many 'simple' and 'complex' cases with Invisalign.  Increasingly, Dr Kenneth Lew treats 'complex' Invisalign cases without extracting teeth. In fact, when you  visit us, do ask Dr Kenneth Lew how he aesthetically corrects  Anterior Open Bites WITHOUT Extraction.

Kenneth, as he is called by his patients, is named in the International Who’s Who (USA) as  a ‘dental expert in the field of esthetic dentistry and orthodontics”, and has more than two decades of clinical experience treating orthodontic and dental patients in Singapore and also in Australia where he obtained his Masters in Orthodontics.

Strongly believing in the ethos of sharing and uplifting the orthodontic standard, Dr Kenneth Lew also helms Tanglin Dental Surgeons Advanced Learning and Knowledge Management, where he teaches dentists from Singapore, Indonesia, HK and Thailand, via well attended, courses on clinical orthodontics and interdisciplinary aspects of dentistry.

Chosen as The Best Clinical Student and Bronze medalist in NUS, he obtained his BDS on the highly sought after Singapore Public Service Commission scholarship, and thereafter, a Master of Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) from University of Adelaide, Australia on a NUS Postgraduate Teaching Scholarship. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), bestowed without examination, in recognition of his contributions to dentistry, and has been admitted as a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine (Singapore).

He is honored to have started, as co-director, the Graduate Program in Orthodontics in National University of Singapore and has on invitation been mentoring young dentists as an Orthodontic lecturer with his respected partner, the College of General Dental Surgeons (Singapore). Kenneth is also a key opinion leader for the Forestadent and was conferred the coveted title of ‘Clinical Speaker’ by Invisalign, USA. Kenneth Lew's strong diagnostic and clinical skills  are ingredients for happy, loyal patients. His weekdays and Saturdays are devoted to his braces and dental esthetic patients in Singapore.

When interviewed, Dr Kenneth Lew said “Growing up, we knew the bitter taste of want and financial difficulty. I would not be able to achieve this without the support of my patients and peers - I am deeply grateful to them and to Singapore. 

Kenneth’s good humour belies a deep commitment to dentistry and his patients. 'Dentistry is not only a science, it is a Three Dimensional Art Form. I strongly believe embracing selectively technology to achieve a better result. I look at symmetry and balance of  your teeth, the curve of your smile, in relation to your length of your chin, width and height of your nose, male and females alike.'

‘Your Teeth should NEVER be looked at in isolation’, he says.

Animated and passionate about ‘YOUR TEETH AND  SMILE”, Dr Kenneth Lew since 1987, uses his research knowledge   and clinical experience to treat many, many orthodontic  patients like you. Dr Kenneth Lew is also a prolific research author, publishing his clinical research findings in more than 60 refereed International journals. Interviewed, Dr lew said, " I  started research on basic medical animal science studies on.. yes , male Porton rats. I researched the effects  of differing magnitudes of forces on the rat periodontal ligament. I risked annoyed rats having a go at me. My research mentor, the late Professor Dr Milton Sims, was demanding and relentless.  I learnt to set the same high standards on myself.  I have no  choice." He laughs, "The only 2 articles my patients ask me about constantly  is ..“The Facial Aesthetic Line” and another on the “Soft tissue lip response following movement of teeth or jaw with treatment” which I wrote about"( see Media and Publications).

So what does Kenneth do when not improving your Teeth and  Smile? Well, Dr Kenneth Lew  clinically mentoring young dentists who yearn to learn how to do Invisalign and Orthodontics from him, Weekends will find fussing over his family and his….. dogs! A true dog lover, he says, ‘our dogs … we take them in when they are middle-aged, a bit grumpy and set in their ways,  a mish-mash of various breeds…. Such a source of joy for my wife and I.  Our border collie having just lost his bestie and is in doggy depression. So, needs more TLC'. UPDATE : since then, Dr Kenneth Lew and family have adopted 2 poodles from an expat leaving Singapore.

Dr Lew is also:

  • International Member of American Association of Orthodontics (USA)
  • Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics
  • Past Visiting Consultant in Moestopo Dental University (Jakarta)
  • Past Course Director and Principal Lecturer, Doktor GiGi Plus Program in Orthodontics, Indonesia (since 2002), monthly basis
  • Past President Association of Orthodontics
  • Past Vice Chairman Chapter of Dental Surgeons, Academy of Medicine

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